Digital solutions to manage travel business

Travelling is the industry where digital technologies have been changing business landscape dramatically for last decade. Online services automated travel value chain, made sale process quick, and brand communication - transparent. All the travel vendors faced challenges.

The JayaDigital team has already implemented successful strategies to help our customers to adapt to changes. Some of our clients' businesses were digitised, and some are started up from scratch.

We are eager to apply our skills in the digital field to foster your business, and we possess relevant experience to do so.

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Online communication platform
Website development to promote services and push sales
Value chain automation
Integration and data exchange with Galileo, IATA and Amadeus.
Lead generation
Cost effective traffic of potential clients from Internet
Brand social presence
Building strong ties with customers in social context

Find out how Hamalia, one of the leading travel agencies in Ukraine, applied digital solutions to serve a huge number of the guests of Euro-2012

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