Digital opportunities for printed media

Printed media have been giving up their share of readers' attention to online sources for the last decade. That led to significant decline in profits from advertising. Low interactivity and great cost of production and distribution are only some of the challenges for market players.

JayaDigital has already implemented the digital transformation strategy for publishers by developing interactive web and mobile editions. We have also applied technologies like AR to make hard copy interactive and link it to the web-site.

We are eager to apply our skills in the digital field to foster your business, and we possess relevant experience to do so.

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Online communication platform
Website to deliver content, advertising and other services
Lead generation
Cost effective traffic of potential clients from Internet
Conversions optimisation
More online target actions to generate real profits for advertisers
Customer engagement
Innovations applied to win customer attention and generate sales

Find out how Salon, printed magazine about conceptual design, implemented digital strategy to get most of digital opportunities

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