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A website today is a quite convoluted system with a lot of functions. Even a simple site can be very difficult to manage, if you try to do it manually. For complex, massive data portals such task can be downright impossible.
And that’s where CMS (Content Management System) comes into play. This system quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site. CMS combine and interconnect two parts of site’s data: design (templates, CSS styles, etc.) and content (articles, posts, descriptions, reviews, etc.)
CMS make site managing much easier. You don’t have to change and check every page one by one; you can just input necessary changes once and the system do the rest. There are a lot of such «helper systems», and each has its own features. One that especially stands out is called MODx.

MODX is a free, open source content management system. This means that this system is distributed along with its source code, and is released under terms that guarantee users the freedom to study, adapt/modify, and distribute the software. This is a very valuable advantage for CMS. Why? Because, firstly, such system cannot be suddenly shut down by developer, and, secondly, will be constantly improved by efforts of online community of users.
But advantages of MODx are not confined to just being free. Here is a list of main advantages of MODx:
— Flexibility and customization. MODx is not restrained by strict standards of templates and is suitable for vast specter of projects, from one-paged business card website to huge portals with massive amounts of data and large traffic.
— Efficiency and neatness. MODx gives user direct control: you can manage all aspects of your environment, including core functions such as server reboots, OS reloads, upgrades, firewall management, et cetera. Not even a single line can be added without your consent. Also, MODX has multiple caching and optimization methods to ensure peak site performance. This includes external caching mechanisms as well as multi-server and clustered environments.
Simplified management and general ease of use. You do not need some special technical knowledge to use MODx. The system is intuitive-use oriented, and has extensive and helpful community. Simple, yet powerful admin panel allows user to streamline server management, reduce operational costs, and focus efforts on  unique business interests. 

— Safe and Secure
MODX takes security quite seriously. In fact, the entire architecture of MODX Revolution was created with security in mind. Every input is filtered, and every database query using the API occurs via prepared statements which eliminates the possibility of SQL injection compromises. And the team rigorously and continuously audits MODX to make sure it’s to date and patching any new issues that may arise.
— Unparalleled Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
MODX allows you to control 100% of what is output with virtually no effort. Unlike other systems that require learning complex theming engines, in MODX you work with HTML and as many custom variables for the site you need. It takes minutes to build a site that performs amazingly well in Search Engines and because site builders are in total control and can change the output at any time.

Also, versatility of MODX is fully deserving of separate mention.  The range of built-in features includes registration and comments publishing system for users, generation of catalogues/blogs/news, WYSIWYG-editor and a lot more. Support of snippets, plugins and modules enables access to hundreds of free add-ons. You really can bring your vision to life with MODx.
This is why MODx often is called CMF (Content Management Framework) instead of CMS. Powerful API and event handler allow fast and reliable creation of almost any web-application, and MODX’s Object-Oriented core allows to implement custom implementations of many core features without ever hacking the core code. And even with such customizability, MODx can be updated very simply.

MODx’s advantages didn’t pass unnoticed: hundreds of thousand companies and business use MODx in their sites. The scale can vary from small startups to huge online resources with tens thousands of pages. MODx can adapt to any situation. For example, for popular site MODx allocates workload on 9 servers, significantly increasing response time and eliminating traffic problems.
Reliability and versatility of MODx is vastly acknowledged by developers and users, and this CMS often becomes the system of choice even for large brands as Dell, Hitachi, Bechtel, and others.
And it’s not unusual or surprising, because MODx is well-tailored for the two main purposes of any CMS: the visitors see clean, comfortable and very fast sites; and developers get reliable, well-protected system with many functions and free add-ons. MODx is unique – it’s a free and open CMS that surpass any paid competitor products.

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