JayaDigital implemented multi-vendor model to automate our supply chain

Ihor Holubakha - President of the tour operator "Hamalia"


Complexity in providing quality info and services from different vendors to guests of Euro 2012
Multi-vendor model implemented to connect travel service providers with customers within one common space
A wide list of both single and complex travel services were provided to customers within common online platform


Hamalia being one of Ukraine’s largest travel agencies has been operating at the market since 1991. The company cooperates with over 180 partners in 60 countries of the world to provide all kinds of tourism within Ukraine and abroad for its customers, whose number's outreached 1 million people by now. Hamalia faced difficulties with the process of supplying visitors of Euro 2012 with quality information, services and goods. The company wasn’t able to manage the volumes of applications and systematise the supply of tourist services by wide range of vendors.


Multi-vendor model connecting travel services providers with customers within one digital space. uConcierge is the business model based on the perfect digital platform – convenient for either sides, namely customers and vendors. Every vendor obtains personal account to manage their assortment range of services or goods, operations connected to promotion and sales. Customers get the easy and direct access to booking and buying any of the travel services, either they are singular or gathered in a complex package. Such might include match tickets, hotel rooms, airport transfer, excursions, nutrition, and souvenirs whatsoever.

Project map

Business model
New business algorithm created to automate supply chain with the application of digital technologies
Digital strategy
Detailed plan to make new business model work and generate profits
Multi-vendor platform
Scalable e-commerce platform developed to provide vendors with tools to promote and sell their services to customers
Mobile service
Mobile catalogue of main tourist destinations enhanced with geo-location and augmented reality technologies
Online community
Social media strategy implemented to generate word-of-mouth about the travel platform
Target traffic attracted
Stable growth of targeted traffic from search engines and social networks


  • Decrease of operational team from 15 to 5 employees
  • More than 50 vendors signed in to platform
  • Over 1 000 visits per day during Euro-2012 period
  • 2 000 fans on Facebook
Serhiy Boichoune
We’ve always been football fans ourselves. So we considered being great honor and pleasure to join such large-scale project. We took it on in the beginning of 2012. We have invested the best of our resources to meet the deadlines. So, as early as April vendors started to flow and fill in the system with their profiles. Shortly after that the promotional campaign kicked off.
Serhiy Boichoune - Head of Strategy department at Jaya Digital
People tend to think travel agencies spend most of their time dealing with customers. We have over 100 vendors, each one of those rendering range of travel services for tourists in Ukraine, from one side. From the other, we were facing thousands of people coming to see the championship. JayaDigital came up with the digital model that managed to automatize the process of customers’ service, keeping them satisfied with response to any of their requests. Beyond that, the model’s been designed and implemented in incredibly short period of time.
Ihor Holubakha - President of the tour operator “Hamalia"
Ihor Holubakha

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