JayaDigital team trasformed our business model to meet challenges of operation in the digital world

Oksana Derevianko - director of CJSC “Ukrainian publishing house"


Decline in revenues of the printed media
Business model transformation
Stable growth of online business


Salon is the monthly printed magazine dedicated to conceptual design. It has been a leading edition in Ukraine for 15 years uniting independent designers, prominent architects and creative people around the idea of creation of innovative concepts and trends in design. Dynamic growth of Internet penetration and digital technologies blooming have changed the magazine position at the market dramatically for last few years. The edition lost a great share of its audience and advertisers. Both ads sales and total revenue have dropped significantly.


Implementation of new business model based on the digital software. In the centre of the transformation there is the online communication platform of the magazine which goal is to establish a community of professionals in this area, and to provide them with digital tools to exchange ideas, generate content, promote and sell goods and services.

Project map

Digital strategy
Detailed plan to transform printed magazine for designers to the online platform serving community requirements
Communication platform
Scalable web-site developed to promote magazine's content, partners' services and build a community
Show rooms
A section of the web-site where designers and architects are welcome to publish their own projects for audience
Online sales launch
Ecommerce platform integrated to the web-site to sell partners' goods and services in informational context
Target traffic attracted
Stable growth of organic traffic from search engines and other sources
Use of innovation
Augmented reality technology applied to make the hard copy interactive and link it to online content


  • online ads revenue growth
  • dynamic increase of website audience
  • 5% monthly traffic augmentation
  • 30% monthly sales increase
Serhiy Boichoune
Every media is supposed to respond to the demands of three audiences: authors, sponsors and readers. Due to plenty of reasons the printed media market has been facing a decline for several years now. But digital software has something to offer to all of the market players.

When we took on Salon, we clearly understood that this magazine requires a more effective, or, frankly speaking, brand new business model. Implementation of the augmented reality technology essentially increases the printed magazine’s capabilities with dynamic content. As a result, we’ve developed a modern and sound web-site that gains for its owners the new level of revenues.

To promote the web-site and the online shop of Salon, we’ve made use of traditional tools of digital marketing. To correspond to the dynamic environment, day by day we are introducing innovative technologies to improve our monetisation models.
Serhiy Boichoune - Head of Strategy department at Jaya digital
The name of Salon’s been the prominent brand for ages. In design and architecture we’ve been always ahead of our rivals. In the magazine one can find only world renowned professionals, latest tendencies and best quality goods. The perfect content had to obtain appropriate form, disposable and convenient for our readers. That’s why we entered Internet.

From now on authors can add information on the daily basis. Readers got access to all the issues published since 2005. Advertisers are able to directly offer their goods through the online shop and interactive banners. Designers post their portfolios.

Even simple visitors of the web-site can share their news. We have completely rebuilt our business on the basis of digital technologies. At the present moment, Salon is not just a magazine, but a daily source of information, getting together the community of the people connected to interior and design.
Oksana Derevianko - Director of CJSC “Ukrainian publishing house"
Oksana Derevianko

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