ERP integration

Odoo ERP integration

Comprehensive monitoring of business processes has become a crucial competitive advantage in the conditions of the current market environment, and their optimization leads to reduction of costs and growth of revenues.

The ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is the tool intended to monitor and optimize them. It provides monitoring of company’s resources used both in internal and external business processes.What is important, it is necessary to customize the system according to the company’s unique requirements.

The Odoo ERP system is perfect exactly for these purposes, being at the same time an open source system with no fee for licenses. Besides, Odoo provides additional advantages, such as the same core for operations management, external communications, CRM instruments etc.

As a result of the Odoo ERP system integration a company gets an increase in processes controlibility, a flexibility to response to market changes effectively and a growth its KPIs. 


Common information environment
Information system providing services for all company's business processes
Effective communications
Great selection of tools for customers' engagement and promotion of sales
System's capability of adaption to pecularities of various businesses
Business intelligence
Internal and external data collection on company's activities, its correspondance to target indicators

Business development with innovations

Business goals achieved with technologies.

All industries

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