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Дмитрий Бобряков, chief manager of online shop

I approach Jaya Digital by advice. During work on the project Jaya Digital’s team demonstrated good experience in developing complex products and attention to the client’s requirements. They thoroughly analyzed the given task, and all inaccuracies and ambiguities were quickly cleared out. They provide highly effective solutions that helped "Bikerland" to grow and flourish. Developing online shop on Magento platform is not an easy task, but Jaya Digital’s specialists are certainly worth their salt.

Дмитрий Бобряков, chief manager of online shop "Bikerland"

Виктория Руденок, development manager for project «Читайка»

Jaya Digital’s staff are experts in marketing business with huge experience and deep understating of all important processes. They always demonstrated the best business qualities: initiative, efficiency, clear and detailed communication on all our joint projects, from developing adverting campaign to implementing and promoting Facebook page.

Виктория Руденок, development manager for project «Читайка»

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